Established in 1967, Fanshawe College has been delivering quality education to students for the past 50 years. There are more than 200 programs offered to 43,000 students at Fanshawe, out of which 21,000 are full-time and 22,000 part-time. We have over 180,000 Fanshawealumni around the world.

The main college campus in London, Ontario stretches over 100 acres, and includes four radio stations, a television production studio, simulation labs with computerized mannequins, a hangar at the London International Airport with a real aircraft, and a greenhouse!

Fanshawe also has a modern and fully equipped medical clinic on-campus. The clinic provides sports medicine specialists and physiotherapists for the assessment and treatment of sports-related injuries.

Fanshawe is a city in itself, and it offers many shops and stores on-campus including a pharmacy, convenience stores, bookstore, a salon, gym, stadium, and courts for a number of games including basketball, volleyball and badminton.

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