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Please note: We cannot accept any bookings 72 hours or 3 days before your date of departure. Bookings made in under 3 days will be cancelled and the payment refunded. (For eg. if you are making a booking on 20 July, you cannot book services for your arrival in Canada on 21 or 22 or 23 July)

Durham College Arrival Services entitles you to:
  • FREE! Free ! First two night of quarantine and airport shuttle amounting to $327.70
  • Eligible for DC bursary code amounting to $510 (if applicable).
  • Please note that the quarantine stay is available in Oshawa and Whitby only
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Declaration of Agreement: I declare that I have a valid passport and a confirmed ticket to Canada. I confirm that the above information is correct and complete. Maple Assist is not responsible for any incorrect information provided by me which may lead to any cancellation or changes. I understand that this is a service offered by Maple Assist Inc. and they bear no responsibility for any baggage or property (or any loss or damage of items) belonging to me during the journey or during my stay at the temporary accommodation. Read Booking and Health Declaration Policy.