1. Niagara Falls, Ontario

Niagara Falls is the collective name for three waterfalls that straddle the international border between the province of Ontario in Canada and the American state of New York. The falls are as high as 167 feet or 51 meters. They are infamous for their beauty and as a valuable source of hydroelectric power.

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2. CN Tower, Toronto

The CN or Canadian National Tower is a 553.3meterhigh (1,815.3 feet) concrete communications and observation tower in downtown Toronto, in the province of Ontario. Built on the former Railway Lands, it was completed in 1976, and held the record for the world’s tallest freestanding structure for 32 years from 1975–2007.

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3. Old Port, Montreal

The Old Port of Montreal is the historic port of the city in the province of Quebec. Located in Old Montreal, it stretches for over two kilometers along the St-Lawrence River in Old Montreal. The Old Port was also known as one of the most famous fishing spots in Great Montreal area.

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4. Whistler, British Columbia

Located in the spectacular Coast Mountains of British Columbia, Whistler is Canada’s favourite year-round destination. It has two majestic mountains with a vibrant base Village, epic skiing and snowboarding, four championship golf courses, unbeatable shopping, restaurants and bars, accommodation to suit every budget, hiking trails, spas and arguably the best mountain bike park in the world.

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5. Stanley Park, Vancouver

Stanley Park is a 1,000acre public park that borders downtown Vancouver in British Columbia, and is almost entirely surrounded by the waters of Vancouver Harbour and English Bay. The park has a long history and was one of the first areas to be explored in the city.

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6. Northern Lights

The aurora borealis, or “northern lights” is a phenomenon that draws travelers from around the world to the rugged wilderness of Canada.

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7. Lake Louise , Banff

Lake Louise is a hamlet in Banff National Park in the Canadian Rockies, known for its turquoise, glacier-fed lake ringed by high peaks and overlooked by a stately chateau. It has hiking trails that wind up to the Lake Agnes Tea House for bird’s-eye views, a canoe dock in summer, and a skating rink on the frozen lake in winter.

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8. Jasper, Alberta

Jasper National Park is located in the province of Alberta. Amid the snow-capped Canadian Rockies, the park has glacier-fed lakes, forests and rivers. The Jasper SkyTram climbs to the summit of Whistlers Mountain, with views of downtown. The Jasper Yellowhead Museum and Archives presents exhibits on the fur trade, railway and early exploration of the park.

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9. Calgary Stampede

The Calgary Stampede is an annual rodeo, exhibition and festival held every July in the city of Calgary in the province of Alberta.

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10. Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia

Cape Breton Island, home to the world-renown Cabot Trail, is considered one of the world’s must-see islands. The natural beauty of the highlands provides the perfect backdrop for outdoor activities such as golfing, kayaking, hiking, cycling, and whale watching.

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Canada has many unusual and mouthwatering dishes to offer! But students, be cautious! Always check ingredients for ingredients in case of any allergies or food restrictions and preferences.

1. Poutine

One of the many culinary delights to come out of French Canada, poutine is perhaps one of the country’s most outlandish and defining dishes. Several small towns in Quebec claim to have invented this celebrated dish, and it’s said to date back to the 1950s. A real poutine uses peppery meat-based gravy and “squeaky” curds on fries.

Where? Any Canadian diner with fries on the menu will typically offer poutine, including big chains like McDonald’s. There are also annual poutine festivals in cities across the country.

2.Canadian Bacon

Otherwise known as “peameal bacon” in Canada, this is a lean pork loin that has been brined and rolled in cornmeal.

Where? Carousel Bakery in Toronto’s St. Lawrence Market sells the ‘World Famous Peameal Bacon Sandwiches.’


BeaverTail is looked upon as the quintessential Canadian dish. The recipe ofa flattened donut without a hole was handed down in Graham Hooker’s family for generations, but it wasn’t until 1978 that he started to introduce it to a wider audience.

Where? Beaver Tailsis spread across the country, with locations in Canadian landmarks such as Vancouver’s Grouse Mountain and Halifax’s Waterfront.

4.Butter Tarts

This rich, delectable treat is considered a staple of early Canadian cooking and can be traced back to the turn of the century. It consists of a delicate, crumbly crust and a creamy centre made of a butter, sugar and egg mixture.

Where? Most coffee shops and bakeries will stock these tarts. In Kenilworth, Ontario, you have the Butter Tart Trail,where a string of 18 bakeries sell these pastries.

5.Nanaimo Bars

This rich tri-layered dessert bar is made of crumb mixture, vanilla-flavoured butter icing, and melted chocolate. Its exact origin has never been confirmed, though a 1952 recipe for a “chocolate square” can be found in a book called The Ladies Auxiliaryto the Nanaimo General Hospital.

Where? Across the country and also in your own home! Joyce Hardcastle’sprize-winning recipe can be found on the Nanaimo city website.


Here’s a deep-rooted French Canadian dish that dates back to as early as 1600. The flakey pie is said to have gotten its name from the vessel it’s baked in. The hearty meal is usually consumed on Christmas and New Years, though Quebec grocery stores keep it stocked year-round.

Where? Around Quebec City.


Bannock is a simple bread that was once a key staple in the diets of Canada’s aboriginal people. Modern takes on bannock include baked and fried versions.

Where? Bannock is popular today among First Nations at powwows (cultural ceremonies), festivals and family gatherings. The bannock at these events is usually deep-fried, pan-fried, or oven baked.


Montreal’s Bagelsare the unsung heroes of great Canadian food.  The bagels here are baked in wood fire ovens and are often covered in poppy or sesame seeds. Famous Montreal bagels are St. Viateur and Fairmount Bagel.

Where?  Montreal of course!

9.Ketchup chips

Ketchup chips and dill pickle chips are the most popular flavours of the Canadian junk food scene.

Where? Any grocery store you come across!

10.Maple syrup

We couldn’t finish the list without mentioning the famous maple syrup that Canada is known for! Maple syrup is usually made from the xylem sap of sugar maple, red maple, or black maple trees, although it can also be made from other maple species.  Canada is the world’s leading producer and exporter of maple products, accounting for 71 per cent of the global market.

Where? The province of Québec is by far the largest producer of maple syrup. Different versions of the syrup, graded on color, flavor and density, can be found in Canada and worldwide.


  • Tim Hortons: Tim Hortons is a Canadian multinational fast food restaurant known for its coffee and donuts. It is also Canada’s largest quick service restaurant chain.
  • A&W: A&W Restaurants Inc. is a chain of fast-food restaurants distinguished by its draft root beer and root beer floats. Its origins date back to 1919.
  • Swiss Chalet: Swiss Chalet is a Canadian chain of casual dining restaurants founded in 1954 in Toronto, Ontario. As of 2015, there are over 200 Swiss Chalet restaurants in Canada.
  • Second Cup: Second Cup Coffee Co., headquartered in Mississauga, Ontario, is a Canadian coffee retailer operating more than 300 cafes across the country.
  • Booster Juice: Booster Juice Ltd. is Canada’s largest chain of fresh juice and smoothie bars.
  • Harvey’s: Harvey’s is a fast food restaurant chain that serves hamburgers, hot dogs, french fries, and other traditional fast-food.
  • Pizza Pizza Ltd: A franchised Canadian pizza quick-service restaurant, headquartered in Toronto, with restaurants in the provinces of Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia, and western Canada.
  • Purdy’s chocolate: Purdys Chocolatier is a Canadian chocolatier, confectionery manufacturer, and retail operator, based out of Vancouver, British Columbia.
  • Yogen Früz: A Canadian chain of frozen yoghurt and smoothie stores that also serves healthy alternative food products.
  • Mr. Sub A Canadian chain of over 200 submarine sandwich shops. The first store was opened in 1968 in Toronto’s Yorkville neighbourhood.

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